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Western Empires

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Western Empires is a board game bigger than life. Players take a deep dive through history and develop the ancient civilizations that flourished around the Mediterranean Sea. A game of Western Empires can be played with 5-9 players and can last up to 13 hours. Together with the 2021 release of ‘Eastern Empires’ it can be combined to create ‘Mega Empires’, a colossal gaming experience for up to 18 players or even as ‘few’ as just 3 players.

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Western Empires is a board game for 5 to 9 players that covers the development of ancient civilizations over 8000 years of history. This is not a wargame, rather the players lead their civilizations as they expand, develop culture and technology, engage in conflict, apply diplomacy and face calamities. The objective of the game is to gain the most victory points, which represent the level of advancement of a civilization and thus the glory of their ruler. This game provides a full day of fun for players who are dedicated to epic board games with a strong historical context. Due to the large diversity in advances that can be developed and balanced differences in playing conditions between the civilizations, each new game played is very different from the previous one! This is a standalone game that can be played by 5-9 players and can be combined with  ‘Eastern Empires’ to complete ‘Mega Empires’, a game for 5-18 players. A full game of Western Empires takes up to 13 hours. However, this box also contains a tutorial scenario which lasts around 2 hours and a 6 hour ‘short game’ scenario.

1080 Tokens
462 Large Civilization Advances Cards
224 Small Trade Cards
2 Map boards
3 Additional Boards
9 Player Mats
5 Players Aids
2 Rulebooks
6 Card Trays
Plastic Storage Bags

* Disclaimer: The cover box of Western Empires contains a drawn image of a Minoan woman with bare breasts. The reason we have chosen to put this image on the cover is to represent the history of the Minoan civilization as accurately as possible. It was very common for Minoan men and women to walk bare breasted. You can read more about the subject on Wikipedia. While we respect that this may make some people uncomfortable, we have committed to this accurate representation. Thank you for understanding.

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